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We do polygraph tests in Spain without an interpreter in the following languages:

Polygraph testing in Spain

Polygraph testing in Spain for individuals:

1. Detection of adultery;

  • A polygraph test for adultery of a wife or husband can only be conducted with written consent;
  • It is also possible to test for adultery without your wife or husband, that is, on your own. After the procedure the person being tested receives the conclusion in writing;
  • Polygraph testing before marriage is also available for order.

2. Polygraph testing in cases of theft;
3. Testing of troubled teenagers from 14 years old.

Polygraph testing in Spain for companies:

1. Screening (testing of new employees). Polygraph testing in Spain when you are looking for a new employee. Forms a filter for unreliable candidates who plan to harm your organization:

  • Detecting of false information on an applicant's resume;
  • Detection of the real reasons for the dismissal of an employee from past jobs
  • Detecting of other risks when considering a new employee (theft, gambling addiction, alcohol and drug abuse, presence of chronic and infectious diseases, etc.)
  • Detecting of the true purpose of employing the applicant, such as collecting confidential data for competitors.

2. Systematic polygraph examinations of personnel in Spain. Performance of planned and unplanned assessments with lie detector allows to reveal the level of damage caused to the company by rank-and-file personnel and top management.
3. Implementation of official investigations using polygraph in Spain:

  • Detection of "leaking" information to competitors;
  • Identification of theft and kickbacks;
  • Identification of a person involved in the damage of goods or equipment.

4. Polygraph testing in Spain when an employee is dismissed - to determine the real motives for dismissal of an employee from the organization, for example, the creation of a similar company or leaving to direct competitors.

Strict confidentiality policy

1.  We do not distribute photos and/or videos of lie detector tests on our resources or on social networks for the marketing;
2.  We do not share test data with other polygraphers in professional forums and specialized chats.
3.  We do not disclose information about clients with whom we work or have worked. Any company has the right to protect commercial data from competitors.

Polygraph (lie detector) – Contraindications

1. Pain of various etymologies:

  • menstrual pain (it is not recommended to perform the study three days before the beginning of the period, during and 3 days after the end of menstruation);
  • headache;
  • toothache;

2. Pregnancy, starting from the middle of the second trimester (that is to say, more than 4 months);
3. Physical and/or mental exhaustion;
4. Recent heart attack or stroke suffered by the test subject;
5. A period of postoperative rehabilitation;
6. Diseases of the central nervous system, including:

  • tremor,
  • epilepsy,
  • neuroses,
  • mental retardation,
  • Autism, ASD (autism spectrum disorders),
  • schizophrenia,
  • psychopathy and other psychophysiological abnormalities of the CNS.

7. Alcohol or drug intoxication;
8. Advanced age;
9. Health conditions that require regular medication.

Price polygraph test in Spain - lie detector price

The price of polygraph testing in Spain is the most fundamental factor for the customer studying of the service market. The price of polygraph testing in Spain is made up of several criteria, but I will focus on only two:

  • The competence of a polygraph examiner will be a fundamental criterion, which, on the one hand, affects the final accuracy of the polygraph examination and, on the other hand, the price of testing. But most clients focus on the cost of the service, implementing a formalized approach when searching for a polygraph examiner.
  • The confidentiality of the polygraph examinations and incorruptibility of the specialist is another fundamental criterion that can significantly affect on the price. The lower the price of polygraph testing, the higher the likelihood of bribery and untruthful results.

So, the main question a customer can ask himself - "How can you determine the cleanliness of a polygraph examiner and his qualifications?", and only then think about the price of "How much will it cost to test with a polygraph?"

Address in Spain - where you can do a polygraph test

There are several reasons why our address is not listed on the website:

  • Some of potential customers try to use our contacts not to consult and order a polygraph test, but solely to put pressure on the suspect. So to speak, "to scare". For example, in his presence can call or even bring the suspect to the address of the polygraph examiner, hoping to get a confession in this way; 
  • Others wants to know the address of the polygraph examiner for the bribe him before the test.

Some types of testing can be realized on your place, in a place that the client specifies. Therefore, to order the polygraph testing and to get an address in Spain, you can directly after our communication.

Polygraph services in Spain and in your place where you can do a lie detector